Mykonos – Party With The Pros

So you think your a party animal? After you have tried South Beach, Cancun and Ibiza – you might want to consider the party scene in Mykonos. Mykonos is party central for real players. The girls in this paradise in Greece are insanely hot. They come from all over Europe so you can decide on which country you would like to visit in some kind of bikini clad buffet. Chicks from Italy, Spain and France all come to soak in the sun and hookup. Enjoy your time in Mykonos – guys. 2014 is all about partying and you have to put this on your to do list.  You will get laid, get drunk and catch some the hottest rays in the world.  Beers, house music and beautiful babes. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned to our site. We have some very big things coming.




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